Modifications & Upgrades

Morgan Modifications & Enhancements

Every Morgan sports car is unique, to give your Morgan a personal touch, there is a huge range of accessories, Morgan modifications and upgrades that can be fitted. At Beamish Morgan we have a team of experts that can provide a range of modifications and enhancements which can be fitted to classic and modern Morgan vehicles.

Example of the modifications and enhancements:

Front Morgan SSL Suspension Upgrade (Traditional Models). This is a replacement of the Morgan car’s front suspension springs and dampers to higher performance units. See below for the details (taken directly from the manufacturers website). RS Front suspension with progressive spring rate and tuned SPAX adjustable (or Bilstein monotube dampers only if available). This system is a direct exchange of springs and dampers within the Morgan car. Provides much improved ride comfort, more progressive handling and less roll and will be fitted to all traditional Morgans from 1952 to the last of production in Spring 2020. Approved by Morgan Motor Company and available from SSL, any Morgan dealer or specialist worldwide. Price £595 plus fitting & VAT & delivery. SPAX adjustable tuned for this system now standard fitment. We can offer the same Morgan upgrades and Modification prices as listed above for the kit as we receive a reduce trade rate. Obviously plus delivery, fitting and VAT.

Remote Grease Kit (Traditional Morgan Models) 

This a remote grease kit which enables the front suspension to be greased via the engine bay rather than from underneath the car. The details underneath is taken from another suppliers website and so it’s probably best to alter them slightly. Regular greasing of the kingpins is an essential part of Morgan maintenance. Never a fun job, it has been made even more onerous with the newer cars requiring the front wheels of your Morgan to be removed for accessing the top kingpin greasing point every 1600km (1000miles).

This remote grease system is designed to enable you to grease the top and bottom of the Morgan front suspension kingpins without having to either remove the road wheel or lie under the car, hence these clever and expert Morgan enhancements making all the difference long term. More details about the grease kit can be found here:

The price for our kit is £70.00 plus delivery, fitting and VAT.

Stainless Steel ‘Morgan Sports’ Exhaust (Traditional Models) 

We can replace the original Morgan exhaust (cat back) for a custom made stainless steel unit upgrade with a larger bore which delivers a ‘modified sportier’ exhaust note. Typically, we can supply these for around £375.00 plus delivery, fitting and VAT. This price is an estimate as it may vary from car to car slightly. There are other Morgan modifications and various upgrades we can do but they are more unique and usually subject to individual customer specifications. Nothing is impossible and I would stress that we are able to at least advise on any modification or upgrade that a customer may want.


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