Beamish Morgan - Customer Comments


 If you are in the area and love automobiles, this is a great stop!  These cars aren't behind ropes so you can closely inspect the paint, chrome, leather and wood.  If you are lucky like I was you may be given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a Morgan.  Beautiful automobiles, climate controlled and great staff!  I highly recommend stopping by and seeing these rolling works of art and engineering marvels!

Fred Bowman (Dec 2018)


Diane Wainwright (Jan 2019)


Sam Maddison (Feb 2019)

 Absolutley brilliant place! Lunch in the Black Horse and then down to Beamish Morgan to drool over some beautiful classic cars.

Paul Naylor (May 2019)

 5/5 - Very good service

Don Bruce (September 2019)


Marie Million (Nov 2019)


Ryan Lee (Jan 2020)
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