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Fixed Price Servicing from £325+vat 19 February 2020

There's just something about a beautifully maintained classic car that draws everyone in, even it you're not mad about cars.  It might be the nostalgia, the pristine paint job, or the retro curves that people like.  Whatever the cause, classic cars are just as popular as ever.

Classic cars require more attention and care than modern cars, simply because they have been around a lot longer.  They can be prone to niggles and complications, so it's important that you keep on top of your classic car's maintenance.  One of the best ways to do this is to regularly have it serviced.  Even if your mileage is low - it's still considered a good rule of thumb to get it serviced every 3000 miles or so.

If you bringyour car to get serviced with us at Beamish Morgan, you will also receive a FREE complimentary Health Check, giving you a valuable expert opinion on parts of the car that could require some attention in the future.

Keeping your classic car regularly serviced is essential for a number of reasons such as:

  • Protecting your investment
  • It can save you money (fix issues before it becomes a costly repair)
  • You can get expert advice from our mechanics
  • Improves the reliability of your car
  • Ensures vehicle safety

Owning a classic car can be a real labour of love, and keeping that history alive is what drives us to deliver an excellent standard of work and giving you the expert advice on your classic car.  Give us a call on 01207 288760 and speak to us about your car and what kind of servicing life the car has had.  We'll be able to give you a no obligation quote and get you booked in at your convenience.

We don't just deal with Morgan models either! Our team of mechanics have over 100 years of experience in working on classic cars and we accept all makes and models of classic cars for servicing.  Simply get in touch with us and enquire about our low labour rates.


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