Beamish morgan news

New management

The times they are a changin'
Due to the recent retirement of John Macdonald, we have had something of a shake-up here at Beamish Morgan and we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Davidson as Manager.
Peter has a wealth of experience with Morgan having worked alongside John at Macdonald Racing and subsequently here at Beamish Morgan.
He has a fantastic reputation throughout the Morgan 'world' and is looking forward to the challenges and oprotunites this exciting new post offers.


50 years experience with Pre-war Lagonda cars. Classic and vintage car maintenance, repair and restoration.


Do you know about the Suplex Front Suspension Kit for all classic Morgans? It provides a superior ride and better handling. Call us for more information.

WANTED Post 1961 Morgan Drophead Coupe

We are interested in purchasing a Post 1961 Morgan Drophead Coupe, please contact us if you have one for sale.

New site launch

So here it is folks, the new Beamish Morgan Limited website. We are all very excited about this venture and look forward to being able to offer our cherished clients and friends an even greater experience at our new home in the Beamish countryside. Please come and see us for a tour of our new facilities if you haven't already done so.
Best regards