Competition Related Services

Engine Building:



Blueprint" quality engine build or re-build for any make of vehicle. (race or road use).

Engine Development:

Increased power for special or unusual engines, Vintage, Classic or modern

Chassis Development:

Enhanced road holding for road or track. Suspension geometry checks and alterations


Our well equipped engineering workshops can handle most tasks involved with preparing a car for competition. As well as traditional tuning, we are also able to undertake work on the digital electronic engine management and fuel injection systems used on the current generation of Morgan sports cars.




Imbalance in the engine is not only annoying but can give rise to unnecessary stresses and subsequent early failure. It also saps the available power. We balance each component separately so that one component can be replaced without having to re-balance the entire assembly.  First the crankshaft is balanced, then the flywheel is bolted on and balanced, then the clutch. Heavy crank pulleys or dampers are also added and balanced. The pistons are weighed with the gudgeon pin and rings and brought to the same weight. The connecting rods are each balanced such that the little ends are all the same weight and the big ends also the same weight. The equipment for this is rare but the results are far superior to the normal arrangement where the rods are just made the same total weight..




Bent or twisted connecting rods tilt the piston out of line and can cause excessive wear and high oil consumption. Overheating and early component failure can result